Tap into a network of readers

Say Bob is skimming another author's site in our network. He sees a recommendation for your book. Bob clicks it. Boom, you just found a new reader.

I get traffic, I send traffic. Everyone wins.

The Captain's chair

The Dashboard is built with control in mind. At a glance, check your sales of ebooks, as well as revenue and new customers for your mailing list. One click, and you're swimming in the details. Skim it there, or export your data as a csv file for work in Excel.

Finally! An easy-to-use sales report for authors!

$10/month. That's it.

We think you'll find we're the easiest way to sell your books and grow your mailing list. And your money goes straight into your Paypal account.

Fair rates

Keep 100% of all your sales! Our goal is to support your long-term business. We handle all the heavy lifting!

Easy add-on to your site

If you can copy & paste, you can add our Buy Button to your website.

Meet your customers

We make it easy for buyers to opt-in to hearing from you. Export the data for use in your regular mailing list.

Who loves you?

We show you where your traffic comes from, and how often they buy. Target your online ads with confidence.

Sell Audiobooks

Set your own pricing on audiobooks. (Coming soon)

Sell bundles

Want to offer special bundles of your titles? Create as many as you'd like. (Coming soon)

Easy promotions

Set discounts ahead of time. Fire and forget. (Coming soon)

Guided Setup

Want some help through the process? No problem! For an extra fee, we'll get on the phone with you, and help you get everything set up, including putting the buy buttons on your site for you.

File Conversion

Need your book file converted? For an extra fee, we can also convert your document into the standard epub, mobi and pdf formats for you.

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